November 19, 2018

Giving TOD: Thanks and Giving recap!

A final THANKS all the amazing organizations in Rhode Island who focus on GIVING to others. We applaud your hard work. During this holiday season, take a moment to reach out to others less fortunate and feel the warmth of giving.   

November 16, 2018

Giving TOD visits the Rhode Island Food Bank

TOD gives THANKS to the Rhode Island Food Bank whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders by advancing solutions to the problem of hunger. 


Check out the many programs offered by the Rhode Island Food bank by clicking below  

November 14, 2018

Giving TOD visits Big Brothers and Sisters of the Ocean State!

TOD gives THANKS to Big Brothers and Sisters of the Ocean State


BBBSOS provides mentors to the youth of Rhode Island. 


Click below to find out how Big Brothers and Sisters make a difference. 

November 12, 2018

Giving TOD Adopts a Family!

TOD and the team at Pilgrim Title have a special tradition! Each year we Adopt a Family In the spirit of #THANKSGIVING. 


Click Below to find out how to bring joy to children this holiday Season! 

November 09, 2018

TOD Goes to the Theatre!

TOD gets in the holiday spirit – and heads to#RhodeIsland's PPAC and Trinity Rep.  


Click Below for Holiday Performance Details! 

November 07, 2018

Giving TOD visits We Share Hope

TOD gives THANKS to WE SHARE HOPE – Rhode Island’s largest food rescue organization.


Click Below for more information! 

November 05, 2018

Giving TOD visits Amos House

TOD kicks off his season of “Thanks” and “Giving” as he visits some his favorite charitable organizations in RI. 

He starts off at Amos House!


Click for more information


October 10, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: False Impersonations

Increasingly, face-to-face closings are becoming rarer.


As the world moves toward online notarizations and other processes that take away the personal touch, identity thieves may take advantageCommon and similar names can make it possible to falsely "impersonate" a property owner.


If you purchase a home that was once sold by a false owner, you can risk losing your legal claim to the property. 


Click to below to learn how TOD & the Pilgrim Title Team can help! 

October 03, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Appurtenant Rights

In a legal context, an appurtenance is something that is attached to, or belongs to, a building or piece of land in such a manner that it is part of the property, such as a barn, or a yard.


What happens when you expect your home to come with some additional rights (right of way to your property, a parking space or dock/beach rights) and it does not?


#AskTOD  Click Below! 

October 01, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Closing Issues

Prior to closing on a house, Pilgrim Title will carry out the Title search and issue your Title Insurance.  If the search reveals any clouds on the title to the house, it could prevent the closing from going through! 

Typical clouds on title include a federal or state tax lien (for unpaid taxes), a claim on the property by a co-owner or relative, a contractor’s lien, water, sewage or HOA liens.   


Click below to learn how TOD and the Pilgrim Title Team can help! 

September 24, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Cyber Crime!

The real estate industry has been a fertile sector for online fraudsters for a decade or more – and recent research says the scams have increased exponentially. These evil acts may include identity theft or payoff diversions where criminals disguise emails to look as though they are coming from trusted resources. BEWARE!  


Click Below to see how TOD can protect you

September 19, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Forgeries

Unfortunately, we don't live in a completely honest world. Sometimes forged or fabricated documents that effect property ownership are filed within public records, obscuring the rightful ownership of the property. At times, every instrument on record may look completely valid. Once these forgeries come to light, your rights to your home may be in jeopardy. 


Click below to see how TOD & the Pilgrim Title Team can save the day! 

September 17, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Missing Heirs!

When a person dies, the ownership of his home may fall to his heirs, or those named within his will. However, those heirs are sometimes missing or unknown at the time of death. Other times, family members may contest the will for their own property rights. These scenarios — which can happen long after you have purchased the property — could affect your rights to the property. Click below to see how TOD and the Pilgrim Title Team can help! 

September 12, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Invalid Deeds

While the chain of title on your property may appear perfectly sound, it's possible that a prior deed was made by an undocumented immigrant, a minor, a person of unsound mind, or one who is reported single but in actuality married. In addition, when a deed comes from a legal entity as opposed to an individual, if that deed isn’t authorized, it will be invalid. These instances may affect the enforce-ability of prior deeds, affecting prior (and possibly present) ownership. Your investment will be at great risk!  


Click below to see how TOD and the Team at Pilgrim Title can help! 

September 10, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Unknown Liens

Some liens don’t show up in the public record in a timely fashionPrior owners of your property may not have been meticulous bookkeepers — or bill payers. And even though the former debt is not your own, banks or other financing companies can place liens on your property for unpaid debts even after you have closed on the sale. This is an especially worrisome issue with distressed properties. How can TOD help? Click below.  

September 05, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Errors In Public Records

To err is human, but when it affects your home ownership rights, those mistakes can be devastating. Clerical or filing errors could affect the deed or survey of your property and cause undo financial strain in order to resolve them. 

How can we help? Click below.

September 04, 2018

The TOD Chronicles: Errors In Public Records

To err is human, but when it affects your home ownership rights, those mistakes can be devastating. Clerical or filing errors could affect the deed or survey of your property and cause undo financial strain in order to resolve them. 

How can we help? Click below.

August 22, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: More of the East Side of Providence

TOD couldn't get enough of the East Side, so he compiled a list of some of his favorite highlights! 


Click below to see why the East Side is a great place to live, work and play! 

August 20, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: East Side of Providence

Thriving city neighborhoods are like communities unto themselves, such as Providence’s East Side, which is rich in history, unique architecture, culture, and culinary flavor. 


Click here to see why TOD loves the East Side! 

August 13, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Wow, Barrington!

Barrington, Rhode Island – One of the East Bay’s most eclectic communities with great small-town New England charm and character. It is one of Rhode island’s most sought after residential towns. 


Click here to see why!  


August 08, 2018

TOD Trek's the Ocean State: East Providence

Bike to work along the East Bay Bike Path right to downtown #Providence from the great neighborhoods in #EastProvidence. From Riverside to Rumford this town is home to some of Rhode Islands best golf courses, waterfront and recreational areas. 


Click Below for TOD's Picks! 

August 06, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Rumford!

Only minutes from Providence, Rumford has the intimacy of a small community with the convenience and sophistication of the nearby East Side. 


Click below to see what TOD learned about this fascinating city and why Rumford is a great place to live! 

August 06, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Rumford!

Living in Rumford


Only minutes from Providence, Rumford has the intimacy of a small community with the convenience and sophistication of the nearby East Side. 


Click Below for history and info on great things to do in Rumford.

August 03, 2018

TOD's Weekend Tips!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further. TOD has the best picks in Rhode Island. 


Click below for TOD's Weekend Picks. 

August 01, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Biking Thru the East Bay!

From East Providence RI to Little Compton RI you will find seaside living at its best with great communities that offer spectacular homes and estates with the flavor and charm that is only New England. 


Click below to see why the East Bay is an idyllic place to live!

July 30, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: The Newport Lifestyle

Who wouldn’t want to live in Newport? Set on the southern tip of Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay as it edges the Atlantic Ocean, the walkable, cultured New England city of Newport has always been a place of independent thinking and a hub of commerce.


Click below to see TOD's Tips for some of Newport's Finest. 

July 25, 2018

TOD Treks The Ocean State: Narragansett's Blessing of the Fleet Festival!

TOD Visits the Blessing of the Fleet Festival
The Narragansett Lions Club held its first Blessing of the Fleet in the summer of 1972. Back in 1972, this was a 1-day event held in Galilee. Over the years, it grew into a beloved 2-day festival that includes an officially sanctioned road race, a festive parade of boats, great food, live music, and people by the thousands making wonderful new memories. And starting in 2017, it was expanded to 3 days! There are 3 events that occur over this 3-day span. 
Click below for details: 

July 23, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Narragansett Bound...

Top of TOD's list is Narragansett! Narragansett is a beautiful seaside town with splendid natural assets and easy accessibility to urban centers (30 minutes to Providence or Newport, 90 minutes to Boston, 3 hours to New York City). It is a thriving suburban community in the southern part of the “Ocean State”, with over 16,000 year round residents. Its spectacular beaches and scenery attract thousands of visitors each year, offering year-round opportunities to enjoy the natural environment, participate in varied activities and create unforgettable beach memories. 


Click Below for more

July 18, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Tiverton

TOD visits the coastal community of Tiverton, which seamlessly blends outdoor beauty with cultural pleasures. The town is home to one-of-a-kind quaint locally owned boutiques and eateries, many nestled in historic Tiverton Four Corners, a sweet New England village of 18th century buildings.


See why this is a GREAT place to own a home!  

July 16, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Little Compton

Quaint New England towns with no traffic lights in the business district got TOD very interested in the charming, quiet town of Little Compton, RI. If you are drawn to virtually unchanged New England destinations, Little Compton comes up big! Beautiful properties make Little Compton a great place to live.  


Click below for some of TOD's favorite spots:

July 11, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: What's Up, Warren?...

TOD couldn't wait to visit the trendy seaside town of Warren, Rhode Island, which boasts a working waterfront plus shops, restaurants, antiques dealers, art galleries, and more! Find out why TOD didn't want to leave... 


For highlights of TOD's great day out, click  below: 

July 09, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Bring On Bristol!

Why does TOD love Bristol? With miles of coastline, 14 parks, and the starting point of the East Bay Bike Path, Bristol is an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor activities. Numerous historical attractions, cultural and ethnic events, galleries, independently owned shops, and diverse dining experiences attract and delight residents and visitors year round.


Click below for TOD's Top 3 in Bristol! 

July 06, 2018

TOD's Weekend Tip!

Providence has one of the largest Cape Verdean-American communities in the country and everyone’s invited to party at the 43rd Cape Verdean Independence Day Festival. This annual celebration will bring traditional Cape Verdean food, art and music to India Point Park from noon until sundown. India Point Park. July 8 


Click Below for more info! 

July 02, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Happy 4th of July!!!

TOD's got his sparklers and can't wait for the Parade! The stage is set for America's oldest July 4 celebration. The Bristol Fourth of July Parade was first held in 1785. This year's parade is Wednesday, July 4, at 10:30 a.m. The fireworks show is set for Tuesday, July 3, at dusk in Bristol Harbor.

The 2-mile parade route starts at the corner of Chestnut Street and Hope Street and ends on High Street. 


Click below for more info! 

June 27, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: More in Middletown

There is more to Middletown than beaches! Just as its name suggests, Middletown is in the “middle” of Aquidneck Island in Newport County, bookended by Portsmouth to the north and Newport to the south. From farms, to trails, to food, to history, there is no shortage of things to do in this little gem. A great place to live! 


Click below for TOD's Top Six Picks in Middletown! 

June 25, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Middletown

TOD's summer road trip would not be the same without a stop off in beautiful Middletown.

Middletown, Rhode Island, is home to miles of wide sandy beaches, thousands of acres of unspoiled nature preserves, historic attractions, outdoor recreation and many restaurants.


Click below to see why Middletown is a great place to live, work and play! 

June 22, 2018

TOD's Weekend Tip!

TOD Loves the Weekend! 


WEEKEND FUN: Grab some ribs by the water, kick back, and bask in the blues at the India Point BBQ & Blues Festival. Two days of smoked, meaty goodness combined with a killer lineup of musicians – including Roomful of Blues and Elliot Johnson & the J Street Band – sounds like summer to us. India Point Park. June 23-24 


For more great ideas, click below! 


June 18, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: So this is East Greenwich!

East Greenwich is known as Southern Rhode Island's dining destination due to its wide variety of outstanding restaurants ranging from waterfront dining to eclectic Main Street establishments. TOD has a ball visiting some of East Greenwich's greatest attractions, and learning why this is a great place to invest in a property...and a lifestyle! Click below for more highlights!  

June 15, 2018

TOD's Weekend Tip!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Check out Bold Point Park as the state's newest outdoor concert venue. Click below to see some of the AMAZING headliners! 

June 13, 2018

TOD Treks The Ocean State: Warwick Here We Come!

Whether your interest lies in boating and shoreline activities or researching colonial America, Warwick is a great place to start. However, even if you would just like to have no destination or goal for the day, the City of Warwick has 39 miles of coastline and some of the most spectacular views of Narragansett Bay. Warwick is also a great place to find a fab property! Ask your agent! 

TOD has picked his favorite places to visit and wants to share with you! Click below. 


June 11, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Pawtuxet Village!

Pawtuxet Village is one of the true best kept New England travel secrets. Here, New England definitely arrives in its full glory with its scenic harbor -- where the Pawtuxet River flows into the Providence River and Narragansett Bay. The waterfront scenery is worth the visit alone and the historic feel is significant -- no surprise, as this is one of the oldest American settlements dating back to 1638. Click below for more on this amazingly quaint community! 

June 06, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Newport Cont'd!

There is so much to do in Newport, TOD wasn't ready to leave!

Click here to see what to do in the "City By The Sea" and discover why Newport is a great place to buy a property, live, work and play!  

June 04, 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: First Stop Newport!

What better way to kick off summer than for TOD to visit Newport! When most people visit Newport Rhode Island, they usually think about the Newport Mansions or of sailing and the America's Cup yacht races. But there is so much more to the "City by the Sea". 


Visit our Newsroom to see what is happening this week at FORT ADAMS! 

May 30, 2018

To Store, or Not To Store...

Good Reasons To Store and Move Your Belongs with the SAME company


Few moves are as simple as just transporting your possessions from your current home to your final destination. Most moves require long periods of preparation and packing, specialized transportation, and lots of logistical planning.  For many homeowners, storing some or most of their belongings during the moving process is a smart investment that simplifies the overall process. But where should you store your possessions? 

In this section, we discuss when you may need a storage unit during a move and list five reasons why choosing a moving company that also offers storage options benefits you. Click to read more! 

May 28, 2018

Packing It Up! How to Choose the Right Moving Company

How to Choose a Moving Company  


Choosing the right moving company can be hard work.  According to the BBB, most complaints stemmed from alleged lost or damaged property, but charging for un-worked hours, arriving late and not honoring estimates also made the list. Moving day is stressful enough without having your stuff arrive broken or with a surprise bill. To avoid it, you’ll want to vet potential moving companies. It only takes a little extra time and can save a bunch of hassle. Click here to see our 7 fool-proof steps to select a moving company

May 23, 2018

What Does the Closing Agent Do?

A closing agent is like an air traffic controller. Instead of coordinating the flight paths of airplanes to ensure a safe 

landing, however, a closing agent coordinates the final steps of a home purchase to make sure all documents 

and funds are handled appropriately. Read on to demystify the process and know what to expect! 

May 21, 2018

Are You Clear to Close? The Importance of the Closing Disclosure

Unless you are buying your house with cash or receiving it as a gift, you will receive a Closing Disclosure during the process of buying a home. The Closing Disclosure is commonly used for this purpose. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY. This statement functions much like a receipt for the purchase of your home. You will also see that it itemizes all charges agreed upon during negotiations plus other closing expenses. Click to Read More! 

May 16, 2018

Home Inspection Time! Are you ready for what they find???

For sellers, understanding the home inspection process and preparing your home for the inevitable evaluation not only helps to ensure that the transaction goes through, but can often translate into getting a top-dollar selling price as well. Jump over to our Newsroom for TOD's Priceless Tidbits! 

May 14, 2018

You Have a Signed P&S - TOD's Tips on What To Be Aware Of

A signed P&S does not mean that your house is SOLD. There are a number of circumstances that you should be aware of. Many of these items can be avoided if you are working with a good realtor. Visit our newsroom to find out why pending home sales sometimes go bad!    

May 09, 2018

Times to Accept the First Offer on Your House

It’s important to keep perspective on any interest you get from a potential buyer, and also keep in mind that everything is up for discussion. Even if the first offer you receive isn’t the price you were hoping for, you can easily make a counteroffer or negotiate for other details. Read on to learn about the 5 times you SHOULD accept a first offer! 

May 07, 2018

You Have the Offers on Your House... Now What?

Negotiating with your gut – trusting your instincts (for real!)


Real estate projects take a lot of nerves, especially if you're selling your first house. That's why some people lose focus and make a series of compromises just to get the job done. Rather than rushing to get your home sold, prepare for a long process and complicated negotiations with interested candidates—or else you could end up with less money in your bank account. Read on for what to look out for...

May 04, 2018

Our Homes Selling Series Continues!

Tune in next week for TOD's next installment of Solutions On Demand: helping you get your house, and mind ready to sell! 


April 25, 2018

Zen ... and the Art of Home Selling!

Creating CALM with your clients can sometimes be a challenge. Check out TOD's Tips on the importance of patience and staying "Zen"! 

April 23, 2018

Your House is on the Market!... Now what???

Ever wonder what is the most effective way of marketing your property? Well, if you have been resisting social media marketing, think again. Check out TOD's Top Tips on using social media to help the perfect buyer find your home. 

April 18, 2018

STAGING! Do you need to hire a Staging Specialist?

TOD's words of wisdom: Staging is NOT decorating.  


The reality is that the moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their home. This means that you need to be prepared to emotionally detach. Highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to prospective buyers. 


Check out these Home Staging Secrets TOD found on HGTV!  


April 16, 2018

TOD's Tips on Creating Your Sell Plan

When do you place your home on the market? What is the proper timing for you? Whatever the case, start the process early. If you have children, Spring may be a good time to buy & sell, so that the kids are settled and ready for school in the Fall.   


Where do you start? A home can be ready to list in as little as a month, especially if it's in good shape and you're working with a competent real estate agent. But it's often better to give yourself a little more cushion. Here's a rough timeline, including advice gleaned from a recent survey of 303 real estate professionals conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.  

April 11, 2018

Choosing the Right Agent for YOU

The relationship you have with your Agent/Broker is very important. The better synergy - the better result. Check out TOD's tips on what questions to ask to assure you find the best Realtor for YOU.  

April 09, 2018

Assembling Your Sell Team - TOD's Tips on Finding the Best

Assembling the right team of people who are going to help you to sell your home (and possibly buy your next one) is crucial if you want the process to be smooth, and if you want top dollar! You will need a LISTING AGENT, LENDER, ATTORNEY and a STAGING SPECIALIST We have have created a checklist of the top items you should look for, and questions you should ask:

April 04, 2018

Getting Your House "Sell Ready": TOD's Affordable Quick Fixes

10 cheap fixes to boost the value of your home...and get it SOLD quicker 


Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or want to spiff it up inexpensively for your own enjoyment, we’ve got 10 good strategies for you to consider. These simple upgrades can easily add thousands of dollars to your home’s value...and help you put your home at the top of the real estate "hot" list! 

April 02, 2018

From the Outside-In: TOD's Tips on Curb Appeal

Great curb appeal helps sell a home faster and for more money! Keep reading to find out 5 big reasons why curb appeal is an important factor in selling your home:

July 31, 2017


Pilgrim Title Insurance Company announces that it has launched a new web-based Digital Closing System in Rhode Island. The Digital Closing Package provides buyers and sellers with a more convenient and secure method of storing and accessing closing and title documents.