April, 23 2018

Your House is on the Market!... Now what???

TOD loves being SOCIAL


Currently 94% of all digital users between 16 and 64 have an account on at least one social platform. The average Internet user maintains eight different social accounts. That’s a lot of quick marketing avenues. Videos and images are easy to implement in social posts, and result in higher viewer engagement. And there may be no industry for which visual stories are more important than real estate.


With strong assets and a mobile-first approach, real estate agents can triangulate their social marketing game plan in diverse ways, and reach an incredibly vast audience.



  • Facebook is the social media 'supergiant'
    • With over 2.01 billion monthly active users — 22% of the entire world population — Facebook remains the top social destination.
    • Every real estate agent and office should have a Facebook business page. The sheer size of Facebook’s general audience makes it necessary. 

    • Facebook’s structure allows for home photo galleries that can be grouped by neighborhood, type and budget — or even, if you can manage it, one photo gallery per property. 

    • Facebook Live is a ready-made for virtual walk-throughs. An agent can make a live, on-the-spot video of a house or property, and provide informative narration about property details as they go along. 

  • YouTube, the king of video

    • As part of an industry that depends on visuals, real estate agencies can take special advantage of YouTube’s omnipresence. Sale properties with accompanying video presentations get four times more inquiries than those without. 
    • Making video property tours is a standard function for almost all mid- to large-sized agencies. They provide a clearer first impression of a sale home than photo galleries or written descriptions. Agents can use narration to talk more specifically about home features, square footage, landscaping, or any other facet of the home they wish to highlight.
  • Mobile has changed everything

    • A well-considered mobile plan can give a real estate agent powerful leverage. “Swipeable” property photo galleries, one-click calls to action like phone or text messages, and making on-the-spot home tour content with a mobile camera are just a few ways real estate agents can embrace this marketing shift.