May, 24 2019

TOD's Home Maintenance Tips!

TOD’s Home Maintenance Tip #4: Use Compacted Soil! 


It's not hard to spot some of the results of poor soil compaction around a house. Cracked foundations. Concrete steps that lean away from the house. A cracked and settled garage slab with one part higher than the other. Rain water running toward the foundation instead of away from it. All these flaws mar appearance and reduce resale value for the property but could have been easily avoided without spending a lot of money. Compacting the soil during construction costs much less than correcting settlement problems after they occur. 




Use compaction whenever the soil is disturbed during construction or when it's used for fill. Compact disturbed soil beneath footings, slabs, basement floors, patios, garage floors, driveways, concrete steps and sidewalks. If a sand, gravel, or crushed stone base is used beneath a slab, compact it too. Always compact fill soils before placing footings or slabs on them. Also compact backfill next to footings and foundation walls. 


Contact your local handyman or contractor to find out about renting a compactor, or getting someone to do the work right – the first time!