May, 29 2019

TOD's Home Maintenance Tips!

TOD’s Home Maintenance Tip #5: Chimney Inspections should be scheduled once a year. 


To be sure that all of your systems are in working order and operating as they should, it is recommended that homeowners get an annual chimney inspection. Most homeowners opt to have a Chimney Cleaning done every year as well, especially if they use their fireplace on a regular basis.


Other venting systems connected to furnaces and stoves should also be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain safer operation. Fireplace, stove, furnace and heating appliance systems are important to your home and family's safety and not an area to neglect or cut corners on.


Don’t risk the chance that an undiscovered defect could turn into an expensive repair or worse yet – a chimney fire. 


Contact your local Chimney expert!