July, 16 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Little Compton

Little Compton - Big Beauty


In an increasingly developed commercial, residential and industrial New England, how refreshing it is to discover relatively unspoiled communities like Little Compton, R.I. With a pretty town common (rare in Rhode Island), cemetery, a few stores and fueled by peace and solitude, Little Compton never subscribed to the expanding suburban way of life.  It is very quiet here, a true small-town wonder. 
“We like to keep it little,” said Richard Sisson, of Little Compton. “It’s a beautiful place.” 
The lifelong resident who owns a lawn and garden business added, “We like a quiet place. There are no traffic jams, no stop lights, no Walmart. We don’t want to be known as Newport.” 
As part of what is known as the FarmCoast region, Little Compton wonderfully combines the sea with farm land... 
The outskirts like Sakonnet Point, at the end of Route 77, afford beautiful views of the ocean...  


When visiting the blink-of-an-eye downtown, we recommend getting out of your car and walking this charming small neighborhood.You'll find the old-fashioned C.W. Wilbur General Store (50 Commons, 401-635-2356) with a retail shop, supermarket and deli counter. A classic, historic New England general store, the Wilbur General Store dates back to 1893 and remains, to this very day, the "anchor store" of tiny yet beautiful Little Compton... 


Also definitely worth checking out: Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards (162 West Main Road, 800-919-4637) has its business roots going back to 1975 and offers tours and daily tastings, as well as “international award-winning wines” for sale in an idyllic vineyard setting. 
There might not be a lot to do in Little Compton, but that's the point. In this beautiful small town, you can get back to a way of life that we once knew before the bombast of expanding suburbia became commonplace.


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