December, 05 2018

Winterizing TOD: Maintain Your Boiler!

TOD's Winter Boiler Maintenance Plan 


(Save yourself time and headache’s by contacting your service pro!) 

Professional winter boiler maintenance should include: 


  • Clearing debris from ventilation areas and combustion air openings. 
  • Verifying the boiler’s water level and testing the low-water fuel cutoff. 
  • Testing flame detection devices and looking for any evidence of soot or smoke. 
  • Making sure the boiler floor is clean and clearing the boiler furnace of any debris or other material. 
  • Testing the safety valve. 
  • Checking for a blue flame; a yellow flame indicates a possible problem. 
  • Testing the thermostat operation. 
  • Checking for proper venting. 
  • Inspecting and replace filters. 
  • Lubricating all motors. 
  • Completing additional checks and tests, depending on the type and brand of your boiler.