December, 21 2018

Winter Solstice TOD

TOD’s Top 10 things you can do to prepare your home for the spring selling season 


Fix all the small stuff. You may or may not want to have your home inspected before you list it, but know that the buyer will have an inspection before the sale is finalized. 


Get rid of oversized and excess furniture. The less furniture you have in your house, the larger it will appear when buyers are touring it.  


Clear out all the clutter. That can be everything from magazines on a side table to the kids’ boots in the hall to your blender on the kitchen counter. The home needs to look sleek and minimalist.  


Depersonalize. Your home may reflect your life, but you want new people to visualize it as their home. Strive for a clean slate. 

Deep clean your home. Everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly, inside and out. You’ll want to clean out closets, wash all the windows and have the carpets cleaned.  


Update and freshen your décor. Many of today’s home sellers are baby boomers, while the buyers are millennials, making them essentially a generation younger.  Visit your local Homegoods or Target store. Spend a little, change a lot!  


Focus on curb appeal. Most buyers drive by before they ever ask to come inside. It’s time to trim trees, clean gutters, clear out dead landscaping and add new sod and flowers.  


Repaint in neutral colors. Builder white and beige look dated, with warm neutrals such as soft gray or pale taupe preferred, Hardgrave says.  


Get professional photographs. If your home doesn’t show well in the photos, people won’t bother to visit. Some real estate agents provide professional photos as part of their marketing package.  


Create a story. Write a paragraph about why you love your home and post it with the listing. Put together information about improvements you’ve made.  TOD says, “Happy homes bring more money. The power of the story is incredible.”