February, 06 2019

Marketing TOD: The Baby Boomer Edition



Suffice it to say, 87 percent of younger boomers – adults between the ages of 54 and 64—are regular internet users while nearly 70 percent of older boomers (65 +) use the internet, according to Pew Research. 


So, despite assumptions that all “boomers” are browsing the books at the local supermarket, the fact is that a boomer is just as likely to find his or her agent and next home via the Internet as any other generation. They have been around the block and they are doing their research, whether it be in newspapers, mailings or on their phones & computers. 


Keep the following in mind:  


  • Print still works! However, don’t just advertise, share valuable information. They will also be looking on Zillow and MLS. 
  • Boomers are on SOCIAL MEDIA – Share things of interest to this generation! Travel, golf, working out, gardening, entertaining, socializing, home improvement project!  
  • Personal Referrals – Boomers more apt to ask those around them.  
  • Presentation – how are you selling once you have the meeting?  Follow up with a PERSONAL touch- Pick up the phone! Show you care and build a trusting relationship.  
  • Know what matters to them – Things like downsizing, storage options, maintenance free homes, little exterior upkeep, community- oriented lifestyle.  A little homework goes a long way to understanding your clients and getting right to what is important to THEM.