April, 16 2018

TOD's Tips on Creating Your Sell Plan

TOD’s 8-Week Spring Home Selling Plan 


Two months out (or more) 

Find a real estate agent. This is arguably the most important decision you'll make in the whole home-selling process.  


Six weeks out 

Handle any large repairs or upgrades. Pay close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which are the two rooms that most sell a house. Consider replacing corroded fixtures as well as the vanity countertop, which can be fairly inexpensive given its small size. Applying a fresh coat of paint in high-traffic parts of the home, including the front door, is also a good use of time and money       


One month out 

Get rid of the clutter. Nothing turns away buyers faster than a messy house. Storage is a big selling point, so free up the closets and kitchen cabinets. These measures can add about 5 percent to a home's asking price, which works out to $10,000 on the average property.  


Two weeks out 

Photograph your home. In the era of online real estate, this step is crucial. If you're working with a top-quality real estate agent, they'll hopefully pony up for professional photographer—and maybe even a stager too. Be sure to photograph every room in the home, as well as the exterior and yard. Here are some tips from the pros at Consumer Reports.          


One week out 

Do a deep clean. Ahead of the first open house, you need to thoroughly wipe down every surface in the home, as well as vacuum and dust every corner. Do your best to air out the property by opening windows.  


One to two days out 

List your home online. Traffic to real estate websites tends to spike just before the weekend. For example, on the real estate broker Redfin, traffic is 29 percent higher on Fridays than Sundays. So, aim to post your listing on Thursday or Friday. And make sure you have the pieces in place before posting, especially the visuals.