February, 27 2019

Marketing TOD: The Millennial Edition

TOD’S TOP TEN: Some of these tools will have info at your fingertips and create a smoother experience for this tech-savvy group who wants immediate results.  


  1. Matterport: Matterport is hands down the coolest 3D tour option for homes. Think of it like Google’s Street View feature touring a property.  
  2. Periscope:  Periscope is a free live streaming app. You could use this to broadcast a virtual open house of a listing to remote buyers. Or just use it to stream video to buying clients of yours. 
  3. DocusignAnother e-signature service like Hellosign, or Dotloop, Docusign actually has a pricing plan specific for real estate agents and brokerages. For $20 a month, you can send an unlimited amount of documents, and have your own branding on the documents as well. 
  4. DoorstepsDoorsteps allows you to nurture a buyer for months, answering their questions and more, since buyers take about 18 months to decide to buy a home or not. 
  5. Speaking Photo: Many real estate agents love using this app for presentations. You can easily take photo, then record audio on top of it. The possibilities are endless, but one application is to use it for a comparative marketing analysis. Use a photo from each comp, and talk about why a new listing will be slightly more or less than the comp. 
  6. Google Drive: TOD's personal favorite app for file storage, Google Drive seems to do it all. Use it to store and share photos of properties in the cloud. Since every Gmail user has a Google Drive account, it’s easy to share files with users since a lot of people have Gmail. You can also create documents, spreadsheets, and slides with it. 
  7. Evernote: Busy agent’s MUST stay organized in order to keep up with all of their client’s needs. Keep your tasks out of your mind and in endless amounts of notebooks. You could do one just for buyers, one just for sellers, and make a note for each client for example. Evernote syncs between all of your devices that you have it installed on, so you’ll never leave a note behind.
  8. Curb Call app: Get a notification from a buyer wanting to see a place right away. Agents can select that they’re available to show nearby homes, and if a buyer wants to see something near you right away, you’ll receive a notification. Curb Call has great safety benefits as well. Your brokerage will always know where you are, and you can hit a big red “Panic” button if you ever feel threatened to notify your broker and emergency contact. 
  9. My Maps by Google: There’s no such thing as over-communicating with clients, and you can use custom Google Maps to communicate various locations to clients. For example, the day before you head out on a showing spree with buyers, do a good job at setting expectations and drop a pin at all the addresses you plan on visiting. 
  10. Mortgage Calculator: The buyers you’re working with should already have a grasp on their price range and monthly mortgage payments they can afford. But having a mortgage calculator pulled up on your phone is still a great idea if the homes you look at fluctuate by a few thousand dollars so you can show your clients an approximate payment while at the property.