Safety & Excellence in dealing with COVID-19

Pilgrim Title is so grateful to be operating efficiently and serving our customers throughout these challenging times.

Our staff is spread out between our EP office (5), Wakefield Office (2), Barrington Office (3) and Florida office (2). Also, we have several staff working from home.

Our offices are cleaned and sanitized every night by professionals. During the day we are sanitizing our conference rooms after each closing.

We are limiting interpersonal contact during closings. Our closings are prompt, efficient, and conducted under strict sanitary conditions. Borrowers arrive and ring the bell. We open the door and they walk immediately into the conf room with documents waiting. Using strict "social distancing" protocols, our attorney efficiently guides the borrower through signing the closing document package.

REFIS: For RI and Massachusetts Closing fee is $550. Loan Policy premium is $1.50 per $1,000. No other fees except for recording costs.

For P&S Transaction we are insisting that seller documents be signed in advance and delivered to via fed ex. On day of closing we ask that realtors and loan officers not show up. Borrowers can come and we follow the same protocols as above.

So far things have been working well. Borrowers are comfortable and appreciative.

We do have special fees right now on P&S transactions for First Responders and Front Line workers. Our definition is quite broad, so please inquire if we can assist.

We are insuring the GAP between closing and actual recordation; so we have not been affected by Town/City Hall Closures. We have also worked diligently to close and insure transactions responsibly when certain critical information may not be available, such as municipal charges, condominium estoppel letters or other customarily necessary data. We are forward thinking and anticipating additional challenges which may lie ahead.