April, 25 2018

Zen ... and the Art of Home Selling!


TOD's #1 Tip: Let go of your need to control


Selling a home can, without doubt, be one of the most trying and stressful endeavors that we  face as civilized people. The thought of random people marching through your personal space can be incredibly daunting to most people especially those of us who so thoroughly value their privacy above all else. But, in order to sell that house that you have outgrown or has outgrown you, you have to do things that you might otherwise be reluctant to do.


TOD's #2 Tip: Patience is a virtue


Having patience when selling your home is an absolute necessity. Not just from the expected headaches of having to prepare for open houses or the inevitable last minute showings but also having patience in the process itself. In some markets these days it  seems that the minute the sign goes up there are a dozen buyers in the driveway and a bidding war breaks out resulting in a sale the 1st day and final price that is more than you asked initially. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as a matter of fact, it is not even the most common case.


TOD's #3 Tip: Let go of outcomes - the unexpected may bring the best result


Having that patience and perseverance to maintain enthusiasm and keep the house in proper condition so that when that perfect client comes through the door they will be able to see the awesome potential your home offers and they will be inclined to open the purse strings and make you a solid offer. Remember, selling your home is often not a sprint but a marathon and you must be prepared to go the distance. The reward is worth it in the long run.