June, 11 2018

TOD Treks the Ocean State: Pawtuxet Village!

PAWTUXET - One of Rhode Island's Hidden Jewels! 


For starters, Pawtuxet Village is a wonderful walking town, and that's important -- not only for its impressive coastal scenery, but because this charming community has become something of a food destination. You just might need to take that extended walk to neutralize the appetizing calories. 
Basta serves Italian food, L'attitude modern American cuisine, Powers Pub and O'Rourke's Bar and Grill pub fare, The Red House Asian cooking, Elephant Room as a tea room and creperie, and The Water's Edge Cafe and Little Falls Bakery and Cafe specializing in breakfast and lunch items, as well as baked goods. The Little Falls even serves pizza! 
While the food options abound in this small village within just a few blocks, the real appetizer in Pawtuxet Village remains the feeling of being in coastal New England. Start with Pawtuxet Park and Aspray Boat House area on the Warwick side with its pretty white gazebo and meandering paths leading to the Pawtuxet River.  


And it's perfect timing to visit Pawtuxet Village – check out the GASPEE DAYS events!  If you like your colonial history with more of an edge than a midnight tea party, consider Gaspee Days, the annual celebration of that time a bunch of Rhode Island colonists got real rowdy, set fire to a British ship, and sparked a revolution. Historic reenactors will march down Narragansett Parkway with muskets blasting on June 9, and the following day will feature a replica HMS Gaspee getting torched. Pawtuxet Village. June 9-10