March, 13 2019

TOD Tips for the Efficient Homebuyer!

Here are 10 ways to drastically cut your budget and household expenses- and save up for that down payment! 


  • Cut your land line!  
  • Get a quote from different internet service providers for the most competitive price 
  • Eat out less frequently 
  • Find ways to save money on food 
  • Get rid of cable (Buy an Amazon Firestick or a Roku box)  
  • Buy used 
  • Do an audit of all your memberships and subscriptions. Which ones are you really using? 
  • Do not put any more charges on your credit card – the money you pay in interest could be put into an interest-bearing account for your downpayment 
  • Have fun for free! 
  • TOP TIP: create a savings account just for your down payment!