Digital Closing Package

Convenient and Secure Access to Closing & Title Documents

The Digital Closing System gives home buyers, sellers, agents and lenders a convenient and secure place to store closing documents and promotes post-closing communication among all parties. Pilgrim Title is the first company to offer the Digital Closing Package in Rhode Island through Forensis, a leading provider of digital document management services. Whether you are a Realtor, Buyer, Seller or Lender, Pilgrim Title's Digital Closing System puts the information that you need right at your fingertips.

Here's how the digital system works...

  • At every closing, instead of traditional copies, the buyer/seller is given a branded USB Key.
  • The USB Key takes clients to a secure site ( where they can view their closing documents.
  • Contact information, photo and/or company logo is displayed on the site every time a client logs in.
  • Throughout the year, content-based emails are distributed to clients automatically (ex: mortgage rates, homes sold in the area, homestead exemption reminders).
  • Notifications are provided to agents and lenders when a client accesses their documents.
  • If they need to refinance or sell, everything is readily available.
  • The system helps speed up the closing process.