TOD (Title On Demand)

Make Your Real Estate Closing Easy & Efficient

What does TOD do all day? Quite simply, TOD talks title. TOD is Pilgrim Title's convenient, web-based title ordering system. Real Estate Agents and Lenders can place their title orders with us, any time, day or night. When you have a real estate transaction and you need to talk title, talk with TOD.

Order a Title with Pilgrim Title in RI

Order a Title

Open a residential or commercial title order. You will receive a confirmation email within one business day with your title number and the paralegal assigned for your order.

Request a CPL with Pilgrim Title in RI

Request a CPL

Request a Closing Protection Letter for your transaction. Lenders require a CPL whenever we act as escrow agent. Click here to request a copy.

Use the Calculator with Pilgrim Title in RI

Title Calculator

Calculate title insurance premiums, perform calculations for endorsement fees as well as transfer taxes based on the location of the property.